So here's the story,


The 17th century in the Netherlands was the Dutch Golden Age. Dutch traders and merchants displayed their wealth by living in houses surrounded with flower gardens. One was in particular high demand, the tulip.


Tulips were brought in from far away, and took years to grow. Because supply was scarce, it drove up demand. Then something called the tulip breaking virus made it possible for tulips to be multi colored; that made tulips even more of a must have. Prices started to rise and "tulip mania" was born


At a certain point a single tulips bulb sold for more then 10x the salary of a skilled craftsman.


When people realized that there was nothing particularly special about tulips, they stopped buying them and the price crashed.


People who compare digital tokens to tulips are essentially saying digital tokens are a bubble backed by nothing but pure hype and speculation.

What they fail to understand is that tulips come from dirt, not a Blockchain.


And as we all know, Blockchain is possibly the best technological innovation since the Internet. It will have a tremendous impact on global business and  society in general.


Thus digital token's are here to stay


So grab a Tulip, their here for the long run.

Personally I HATE when people refer to digital tokens as Tulips.


If they don't understand how digital tokens will revolutionize the world, that's their problem.


Pick up a Tulip Token and rub it in their face.


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Why Tulips?



Will TulipToken be listed on any exchanges?


We will use the proceeds to get listed on exchanges.

What can I do with TulipToken's?


We are creating a Tip Bot that will integrate with Reddit and Twitter. Buy tipping in Tuilp's you are rubbing nay sayers face in digital tokens even more.

How much is a TulipToken?


1 TulipToken (TT) = .0001 ETH


                                      .0000083 BTC


Only 1,000,000,000 TulipToken's will ever exist

When can I pick up my Tulips?